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As a supplier to industrial producers, we focus on the sugar and/or chocolate coating of basic products as well as the production of typical chocolate shapes of different sizes. (smarties, mini-eggs, etc.)

De Bock is specialized in glazing and working of chocolate flowers, sequins, sticks, chunks and such. Products that add value to the decoration of finished products

De Bock has specialized itself besides to the sugar coating of chocolate products with a very fine coating of sugar.

Since the beginning of 2014 we have added ‘chocolate coating’ to our expertise. As of now we coat different raw materials (without nuts) like crispies, biscuits, raisins and sugar shapes with chocolate.

Chocolate coating

Sugar coating

Natural glaze

Colour glaze



Why choose for De Bock?


We guarantee a high quality product. All our products are made by a dedicated team and are finished with love.


We are constantly looking for new challenges to improve our existing products or create new ones. As a sub-contractor we develop new products and concepts, together with the customer.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are not only active in Belgium but we open the doors to reveal our products and production possibilities abroad.


You can always contact us with your questions. Orders are made to measure and we guarantee quick deliveries.